Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig

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  • 2500mAh Battery Capacity: Delivers all-day vaping without frequent recharges.
  • USB Type-C & Wireless Charging: Offers fast, convenient, and versatile charging options.
  • Pre-set Voltage Settings: Tailored temperature profiles for optimal vaporization.
  • 360-Degree RGB Lighting Notification System: Provides visual cues for temperature settings.
  • Glass Viewport Flip Cap: Enhances usability and maintenance.
  • Advanced Dual Coil System: Combines ceramic and quartz for balanced heating.
  • Water Bubbler: Ensures smooth, hydrated vapor.
  • Si Reactive Chipset: Delivers fast, efficient performance and superior functionality.


Product Description:

Introducing the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig, a leap forward in e-rig technology, designed to cater to both medicinal and recreational consumers. This device combines affordability with capability, offering pro-level features without the high price tag.

At the core of the Celestial E-Rig's innovation is the Si Reactive Chipset, a game-changer in vaping technology. This chipset ensures fast heating and precise execution of functions, setting a new standard in the industry for affordable, high-performance vaping devices.

Powering the Celestial E-Rig is a robust 2500mAh battery, capable of supporting all-day use with its variable voltage levels. This means you can enjoy prolonged sessions, whether solo or with friends, without worrying about constant recharging. The inclusion of USB Type-C and wireless charging technology underscores the device's modern, user-friendly design.

The Celestial E-Rig's visual and functional appeal is further enhanced by its 360-degree RGB lighting notification system. This feature not only adds aesthetic value but also serves as an intuitive guide for temperature settings, eliminating the need for a screen.

Yocan's commitment to quality is evident in the Celestial E-Rig's advanced dual coil system, which expertly balances the benefits of ceramic and quartz. This system ensures efficient vaporization at temperatures that prevent combustion, delivering safe and potent sessions.

With three pre-set temperature settings, the Celestial E-Rig simplifies the vaping process, making it accessible to beginners while still satisfying experienced users. Each setting is carefully calibrated to extract the full spectrum of flavors and effects from your concentrates, from the most delicate terpenes to potent psychoactive compounds.

In summary, the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig represents the pinnacle of portable dabbing technology. It's a testament to Yocan's ability to deliver innovative, high-quality vaping solutions that meet the needs of a diverse user base. Whether you're seeking relaxation or recreation, the Celestial E-Rig offers a tailored, top-tier vaping experience.