The VonG 2021 Starter Pack with DynaCoil

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  • The new VonG Vaporizer - meticulous in design and beauty.
  • Complete starter pack with everything you need to get started Vaping.
  • Perfect for users who want to vape through glass.
  • Fits 10mm and 14mm glass.
  • A beautiful concoction of wood and titanium for a marriage made in heaven.
  • Titanium lined.
  • 5 pin profile.
  • Complex airflow path.
  • Has an adjustable bowl for micro-dosing.
  • Same audible click you know and love from DynaVap - a true American gem of a company.
  • Choose your heat source but works great with a torch.
  • 3.5 inches long.
  • Titanium mouthpiece and tip.
  • Refined in appearance.
  • Use dry or with a water pipe.
  • Comes with the "captive cap".
  • Check out the videos on Youtube.


Comes With:

The VonG

Dyna-Stash ER - Wenge

DynaCoil (IF CHOSE)

Attache Single Torch


5x High Temperature "O" Rings

3x Condenser "O" Rings (2 small 1 large)

1x Titanium CCD