Tinymight Accessories

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Here you will find the accessories for the Tinymight vaporizer. You may notice our prices are just a fraction higher and that is because when we order from Tinymight we have to pay an international credit card fee as well as customs fee on delivery. We apologize.


Some of these Tinymight accessories include:

1) The Tinymight "O"ring pack: Food grade silicone o-rings for the Tinymight cooling unit. There are two different sizes for an ideal fit 6 + 6 o-rings. Also, a 2 piece mesh screen for the cooling unit, a cup screen and one bigger o-ring for the tube holder.  

2) Cooling unit: The cooling unit for the Tinymight is a stainless steel mechanism that fits inside of the glass stem. This little cooling unit is nothing short of genius as it cools down the temperature of the vapor from the herb before it enters your mouth.

3) Universal Connection adapter: Glass connection adapter that will allow you to connect your Tinymight to most glass rigs. This universal adapter will fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm devices.

4) Extra long 3D stem: This stem is longer than the original Tinymight cooling unit stem and features glass rivets along the center that cool your vapor as you draw from the Tinymight. It includes a rimmed basket screen to hold your grounds dry herbs. Can be cleaned with hot water or alcohol. Because of the length, this stem is more fragile than the cooling stem. This is our go-to preferred stem for the Tinymight.

5) Dosing capsules: You can load these capsules and take them with you wherever you go. These can be convenient as they allow you pre-load a session before you reach your destination. Basically, a time saver.

6) Glass lining on top of the heater: This piece is probably the most fragile part of the Tinymight and can break if you are not careful. It can be replaced easily by opening the back end big screw with a Torx T20 screwdriver (some 10mm is enough to get the top panel come off) then just carefully take out the damaged glass lining and drop the new piece in. Then screw the top panel back on tightly. 

7) Rimmed basket screen for 3D stem: This is a rimmed basket screen for the extra long 3D stem.

8) 80mm long tube: Standard longer glass tube for Tinymight. made of high quality quartz glass.

9) 55mm long tube: Shorter glass tube for Tinymight. It gets hotter in use but is more compact. Made of high quality quartz glass.

More accessories to come...