The Tinymight 2 Portable Vaporizer (TM2)

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Coming Soon...Tinymight 2 (TM2) is the one of the most powerful, precise and robust portable vaporizers on the market today. With its convection thermal extraction technology, it heats dry herb evenly and powerfully to create a clean, thick and tasty vapor.

Dry herbs will be extracted with the highest precision for flavor and potency. The Tinymight 2 allows you to extract at lower temperatures for a cleaner, sweeter taste of your terps but at the same time it can deliver the higher temperature powerful draws that are usually only seen with huge expensive desk-top vaporizers.

TinyMight 2 is JTJS Products OY’s newest product, designed and completed after 18 months of continuous improvements and revisions to the original Tinymight.

Improved electronics: The most visible change is the battery being in a different position – it was flipped over. The electronics and the way the Tinymight heater is controlled have been redesigned. They have used higher performing components, doubled the current power delivery paths, and created a greater power delivery to the vaporizer.

Choice of wood:  American walnut wood allows the Tinymight 2 to stay a bit cooler, having better insulation properties than oak. It also has a smoother grain structure, which makes the device feel more solid and smooth in hand.

Improved taste: The Tinymight 2 has multiple improvements that make the vapor produced by the device taste better. They’ve now tightened the heater's control - it will keep a stable temperature and output level even if there are changes in the environment. The new heat spreader and tightened heater control makes the herbs vape more evenly which results in a satisfyingly thick and robust vapor.

Size: TinyMight 2 is bigger than the original TinyMight. This allows three things: better insulation of heat, a much more robust construction, and more space for more sophisticated electronics.

New finish of metal parts:  The Tinymight 2 features a new finish on all external metal parts, to make them much more resistant to scratching so that you will be able to handle it for years to come while the unit retains it’s beauty and patina over the long haul.

Battery lid: They have updated the battery lid to make it easier to swap batteries. The original design had a recessed lid that often needed a coin to open it. The new lid has a nice grippy surface to grab it and open easily without extra tools.

Multitool: They have included a tool with the Tinymight 2 on the top of the unit, which is always ready to be used when needed. The idea is to allow easier adjustment of the herb chamber without needing to look for a suitable tool as it is always attached to the unit. The same tool can be used for stirring the herbs, emptying the chamber and tamping with the handle side.

USB-C Quick charge: Tinymight 2 features a new charging system that is fast and energy efficient. This ensures your battery charge lasts longer, no matter how often you use the product. It is designed to work with almost any adaptor, including computer USB ports, power banks, car chargers, USB PD high speed chargers and Quick Charge compatible chargers. It also adapts the charge speed automatically for optimal performance. Also available is a USB-C adaptor that is tested to ensure the maximum performance of TM2 charging.

General robustness:  A lot of work and attention has gone into making the Tinymight 2 a very robust device, which will allow pure satisfaction for years to come. They looked at a list of issues they had with the original Tinymight (causes of warranty returns ect) and decided to change everything that needed to be corrected. As a result, the unit has a completely new construction, multiple new components, and additional steps in the manufacturing process make it a much stronger and more robust vaporizer than before. 


This vaporizer is simply OUTSTANDING.



  • High power convection heater
  • Body made of American Walnut wood
  • Adjustable herb chamber 
  • Extremely quick heat up from 3 seconds
  • Wide precision controlled temperature range
  • internal High speed  USB-C charging
  • Replaceable battery
  • High quality mateterials: Stainless steel, aluminum, quartz glass, wood
  • Vapor cooling unit
  • Dual modes: On demand, and session mode
  • Stealth mode for turning off lights of the unit
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty

Package includes:

  • Tinymight 2 thermal extraction device
  • 1x 55 mm glass tube
  • 1x cooling unit
  • 1x battery Molicel P26A or P28A
  • 1x Titanium tube 80mm
  • Spare parts kit including o-rings and screens
  • 1x charging cable USB-C to USB-C
  • 1x carrying pouch
  • 1x instructions manual