Time Capsule Storage Device

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The Time Capsule is a storage device for consumers, drawing inspiration from NASA's biological research. Its jar is fully airtight and watertight, and capable of withstanding normal pressurization. Thanks to its supersized screw thread and silicone rubber seal, any materials placed inside are well-protected from external elements. Crafted with a durable, UV-resistant polymer, it comes in small (4.5"x2.5") and large (7"x3.75") sizes. Air & water tight storage container Made with advanced UV-resistant polymer Inspired by NASA's biological research


Available in small & large sizes Dimensions listed below. Protect your dry herb from extreme conditions with the Time Capsule storage device - inspired by NASA's research on biohazards. The airtight and watertight jar, along with its UV-resistant polymer material, ensures your dry herbs will be kept safe and sound, no matter what the outside elements may bring. Available in two sizes for all your storage needs.