The Polar Blast

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The Polar Blast! Now comes with DynaVap branding. The Polar Blast creates the coldest hits from your DynaVap VonG (i)! Also, works with the "M" and the Omni but you must add a Fat Mouthpiece.


This cup is a dual wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler. It will hold ice for 24 hours without leaving behind a mess. The lids are made from a fine food-grade polycarbonate: Tritan material. The nozzle is a very durable food-grade silicone, and the bowl is made from glass, preventing impurities in your vapor. Heat does not transfer from the glass to the stainless steel down stem, since the stem is already frozen from the ice in the cup.  The lid is clear so you can see the vortex of vapor as it blasts through the nozzle at sub zero temperatures! Smoothest hit you'll ever take!

You can take it on the go by storing all pieces inside the cup.

Each polar blast includes:

  • Lid.
  • Tumbler.
  • Nozzle.
  • Clear glass bowl.
  • Size: 30 oz.