The Gentleman Pipe For DynaVap Tips

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  • Want to feel the nostalgia of the old school "thinking man's" smoking pipe? The Gentleman's Pipe by Old Head Trading Company is a fun and great hitting vape pipe for DynaVap tips!
  • Sherlock Holmes, Gandalf and others made the smoking pipe famous and now we have a version of the pipe we all love but with a cool dry herb vape twist.
  • Comes with long stem and short stem.
  • Not a functioning smoking pipe, this is a vape pipe for the DynaVap vaporizer tips!
  • Works with all DynaVap tips including Omni, VonG and "M".
  • Made from wood and unlined.
  • Great for sipping as there is no carb.
  • Comes with a draw-string pouch to keep the pipe safe while on the move.
  • This pipe is a whole vibe!
  • Hand made from pear wood by pipe makers.
  • Does not come with DynaVap tip.