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Stella Vape Pen Kit

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  • Upgraded from the "Aurora" Vape Pen
  • Luxury black stainless steel construction
  • Haptic feedback (vibration feature)
  • 3 heat settings (460f - 775f)
  • Exceptional concentrate vaping
  • New mouthpiece ergonomics
  • Sealed alumina ceramic heating element (Temperature Coefficient Resistance)
  • Huge advancement in vape pen performance. Instead of the battery outputting a constant voltage, the voltage adjusts based on the desired temperature of the heating element.
  • Less dry/burnt hits
  • Coil/wick preservation
  • Extended battery life
  • USB-C charging 
  • Long lasting atomizer
  • Magnetic connections
  • 2x clicks for pre-heat setting
  • 3x clicks to cycle through heat temperatures levels
  • 5x clicks on/off
  • Pass-through charging. Use while plugged in and charging 
  • Floating vaporization chamber. The floating chamber reduces the contact of the chamber with the rest of the body of the pen, reducing heat transfer to the user’s hands and helps focus heat to the vaporization chamber.
  • Vortex style airflow. Optimizing the flavor and vapor production
  • Made with medical and food grade materials 
  • The Mouthpiece has a built in silicone filter/airflow regulator to reduce splashing of the oil during vaping.