Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Stash Case

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The Stashlogix Silverton is a robust, lockable stash case designed for those who prioritize discretion and organization for their herbs and smoking gear. Its hard-shell exterior ensures durability, while the integrated combination lock keeps your items secure. The case's innovative design includes foil lining and rubber gaskets on the zippers, effectively preventing odors from escaping. Additionally, the included OdorPax, an activated bamboo carbon odor-absorbing pack, traps any internal odors, ensuring utmost discretion.

Key Features:

  • Hard-Shell Exterior: Offers durability and protection for your items.
  • Lockable Design: Features a patented zippered case with an integrated combination lock for security.
  • Odor-Control Technology: Rubber gaskets, foil lining, and an OdorPax work together to contain and absorb odors.
  • Customizable Interior: Adjustable dividers allow for personalized organization of your stash.
  • Versatile Storage: Ideal for storing herbs, grinders, and other smoking accessories.
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors: Available in small, medium, and large sizes and in black and tan colors to suit your needs and preferences.

Consideration: To maintain the effectiveness of the odor-control features, it's recommended to periodically replace the OdorPax and ensure the case is properly sealed after each use.

Summary: The Stashlogix Silverton Lockable Stash Case is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a secure, discreet, and organized way to store their herbs and smoking accessories. With its durable construction, innovative odor-control technology, and customizable interior, this case meets the needs of both casual users and serious enthusiasts. Choose the size and color that best fits your lifestyle and enjoy peace of mind knowing your stash is well-protected and odor-free.