Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converters For DynaVap

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  • The Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter not only makes every hit more enjoyable, it will help you save money by making your DynaVap Vaporizer (TED) more efficient.
  • Acts as a secure frame for your CCD to lay upon allowing you to pack your bowls harder without fear of moving the screen.
  • Makes it easier to put your CCD back into the DynaVap Tip. It will just snap back into place.
  • No fuss system.
  • Get a more consistent vaping of your dry herb.
  • Acts as thermal mass - keeping the bowl warmer for longer resulting in a richer draw.
  • Allows you to use your CCD's longer.
  • Includes a titanium CCD.
  • Sneaky Pete products go perfectly with the DynaVap brand and we are happy to carry both brands.