Saber Electronic Dab Tool

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Introducing SABER: Make Your Dabbing Experience That Much Easier...

Discover the ultimate addition to your dab accessory collection with FOCUS V's latest innovation, the SABER electronic dab tool. Designed with cutting-edge features and ergonomic form, SABER makes your dabbing experience easy. Here's why it stands out:


1. Rapid USB-C Charging & Extended Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted sessions with SABER's high-capacity battery that charges swiftly through USB-C. Dive into extended dabbing sessions without worrying about battery life.

2. Precise Power Control with 3 Levels: Tailor your heat level to perfection with SABER's three power levels. Never overheat your concentrates.

3. LED Spotlight for Unparalleled Precision: Illuminate every intricate detail with SABER's built-in LED spotlight. 

4. Swift Heat-Up Interchangeable Tips: SABER's interchangeable tips are engineered for rapid heat-up, allowing you to savor your concentrates almost instantly. No more waiting around – get right into the action.

5. Intuitive One-Button Operation: FOCUS V's signature user-friendly design shines through with SABER's intuitive one-button operation. Seamlessly toggle between power levels and experience hassle-free dabbing.

Elevate your dabbing rituals with SABER's groundbreaking technology and expert craftsmanship. It's time to embrace the freedom and control, grab a SABER electronic dab tool.