Pulsar Terp Slurper Screw & Marble Set

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The Pulsar Terp Slurper Screw & Marble Set is an innovative accessory designed to enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of your dabbing sessions. This two-piece set, featuring a large marble-style carb cap and a screw-style flow bead, is engineered to work seamlessly with a Terp Slurp Banger. The combination of the terp marble and screw is crafted to regulate airflow precisely and stir concentrates effectively, ensuring you get the most out of every hit. Made from durable borosilicate glass and adorned with colorful spiral designs, this set not only improves functionality but also adds a touch of artistry to your dab rig.

Key Features:

  • 2-Piece Set: Includes a terp screw and marble, designed to complement each other for enhanced dabbing performance.
  • Optimal Airflow Regulation: Assists in controlling airflow for efficient vaporization of concentrates.
  • Effective Concentrate Stirring: The screw style flow bead stirs concentrates, maximizing flavor and vapor production.
  • Borosilicate Glass Material: Offers durability and resistance to thermal shock, ensuring longevity and purity of taste.
  • Colorful Spiral Designs: Adds a vibrant and artistic touch to your dabbing setup, making each session visually pleasing.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with the Terp Slurp Banger (sold separately), ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
  • Reusable Plastic Container: Comes with a 2.25” diameter container for convenient storage and transport.


While the Pulsar Terp Slurper Screw & Marble Set is designed for enhanced dabbing efficiency, pairing it with the correct Terp Slurp Banger is crucial for achieving the best results.


The Pulsar Terp Slurper Screw & Marble Set is a must-have for dab enthusiasts looking to elevate their experience. With its unique design for airflow regulation and concentrate stirring, this set ensures that every dab is flavorful and potent. The durable borosilicate glass construction and eye-catching spiral designs make it not only a functional tool but also a decorative addition to your dab rig. Enhance your sessions and enjoy the full potential of your concentrates with this innovative set from Pulsar.