420 Jars UV Screw Top - Flamingo Wizard

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The Pulsar 420 Jars UV Screw Top - Flamingo Wizard brings a touch of magic to your herb storage. Designed with the artistry of Julian Akbar, this jar not only serves as a functional storage solution but also as a piece of art. Its UV-protective glass and airtight plastic screw top lid ensure your herbs are preserved in optimal conditions, while the Flamingo Wizard design adds an imaginative flair to your collection.

Key Features:

  • UV Protection: Glass construction shields contents from harmful UV rays, preserving freshness and potency.
  • Airtight Plastic Screw Top: Ensures contents are secure and protected from air and moisture.
  • Flamingo Wizard Design: Julian Akbar's unique artwork brings a whimsical and vibrant look to the jar.
  • Permanent Glass Decals: Durable decals maintain their appearance, keeping the jar's design as vivid as your herbs.
  • Pulsar Artist Series: Part of a collection that celebrates the intersection of functionality and creativity.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in various sizes to suit different storage needs, making it perfect for any user.


While the jar's UV protection and airtight seal offer superior preservation qualities, the size and design variety means you can choose one that best fits your personal storage requirements and aesthetic preferences.


The Pulsar 420 Jars UV Screw Top - Flamingo Wizard is an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and protection for their herbs. With its unique design by Julian Akbar and practical features like UV protection and an airtight seal, this jar from the Pulsar Artist Series stands out as a must-have for enthusiasts who value both the quality of their herbs and the expression of their personal style.