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Puffco Proxy Travel Pack And Ball Cap

The Proxy Travel Pack organizes everything needed to consume into one portable container, making it easier than ever to consume on the go. The Travel Pack includes:

Silicone Backpack: Adds mobile storage for dual tools, with a flat-lay bottom.

Proxy Ball Cap: Adds directional airflow that provides a more consistent, and vapor-filled hit.

3D Chamber Jacket and Tether: With this, your carb cap stay secured.

Mouthpiece: The Pipe Protector protects the glass tip and provides a clean, sanitary way to share your Proxy with friends.

3D Chamber

The Puffco 3D Chamber is an innovative breakthrough in heating technology. Embedded with heating tracers in the ceramic bowl, the oil vaporizes on the side walls instead of the bottom only when inhaling to preserve the quality of the oil. This creates a consistently smooth hit while amplifying the flavor.

Ball Cap & Tether

The Proxy Ball Cap features a 360-degree directional airflow that lets you move oil around the chamber bowl for even heating and maximum vapor production. The result is a more consistent, and more vapor filled hit.

Ball Cap & Tether — 4 Pack

Comes in pack of 4.

Flower Bowl

The Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl is a versatile accessory for using dry herbs with any Proxy glass piece. It offers an easy, secure attachment with a quick plug-in mechanism and an airtight seal. This simple, OEM Puffco accessory enhances the Puffco Proxy's utility, eliminating the need for a separate flower pipe. The package includes one Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl.