New Puffco Peak Pro V2

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Introducing the Puffco Peak Pro V2, the smart rig that redefines concentrate consumption. This revamped version features a base with a finely textured ripple design and a modern matte finish. The base also houses customizable LED lights that not only add to the aesthetic but also silhouette the forthcoming vapor clouds.

The device's glass bubbler attachment has received an upgrade, now featuring a chic spiral design on the inner cone and laser-cut slots for enhanced water filtration. The patented 3D Chamber comes with embedded heating tracers in the ceramic bowl, ensuring even vaporization of concentrates. This design not only maintains the oil's quality but also amplifies the flavor complexities, guaranteeing a smooth vaping experience.

Control your experience with the new Joystick Cap, which allows for user-directed airflow, resulting in consistently smooth hits. Pair this with real-time temperature control, Bluetooth app connectivity, and customizable LED lights, and you have a device that puts you in complete control.

Key Features:

  • 3D Chamber: Patented design for optimal flavor and vapor quality.

  • Puffco Connect App: Deep customization and real-time temperature control.

  • Joystick Cap: Promotes uniform heating and smoother hits.

  • LED Lights: Customizable illumination for enhanced aesthetics.

  • Fast Charging: 2-hour fast charge time with USB-C connection.

  • Wireless Qi Charging: Dock not included.

  • 40 Heat Cycle Average Battery Life: Long-lasting performance.