Pipe X by The Hippie Pipe

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This new tiny vaporizer is much like it's predecessor the Hippie Pipe. The same wood design but this time the Pipe X comes with spring loading and a faster cool down time. Hippie Pipe says the heat up time is instant and there is no more need for indicators. The Pipe X also has a bigger chamber than the original Hippie Pipe. Yes, this Vaporizer will have a slight learning curve. 

"We made it fairly simple to use while still maintaining the superb quality and the premium design."

With a tiny profile the Hippie Pipe (original) was hit and miss with some of the critics. We have yet to get our hands on this bad boy, but it sure does peak one's interest! We are just as excited to get some feedback on this one...


You can also purchase the bundle which comes with Hippie Pipe X, a double jet flame torch lighter and pipe holder. 

Color choices of Ebony Blackwood and Brown Rosewood.