Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber - Unleash the Power of E-Rig Technology

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  • Capacity: The world's first high-capacity e-rig chamber, 78% larger bowl for fuller loads and harder rips.
  • Vapor Production: Produces twice the vapor compared to standard 3D chambers. HUGE RIPS.
  • App Integration: Features exclusive "XL" Vapor Control setting via the Puffco Connect app for enhanced vapor control.
  • Maintenance: Deeper chamber design reduces reclaim in the airpath, simplifying cleaning.
  • Compatibility: Requires updated firmware and is compatible with all Peak Pro models. The XL Joystick Cap is specifically designed for use with the 3DXL Chamber.

Description: The Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber represents a revolutionary step in e-rig technology, offering the first high-capacity chamber designed to enhance your vaping experience. Its larger bowl size allows for more substantial loads, while the increased vapor production ensures a more intense session. With the Puffco Connect app, users gain unprecedented control over their vapor, thanks to the "XL" Vapor Control setting. Additionally, the chamber's design minimizes maintenance by reducing reclaim buildup. This chamber is a must-have upgrade for all Peak Pro users seeking to elevate their experience.

What's Included:

  • Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber
  • XL Joystick Cap

Considerations: Ensure your Peak Pro device's firmware is updated to use the 3D XL Chamber effectively. Regular maintenance, although reduced, is still recommended to keep the chamber in optimal condition.

Summary: The Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber is a game-changer for e-rig enthusiasts, offering increased capacity, enhanced vapor production, and reduced maintenance. Its compatibility with the Puffco Connect app opens up new possibilities for customizing your vaping experience, making it an essential upgrade for Peak Pro users.