Pax Rounded Multi-Tool

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The PAX Rounded Multi-Tool is a versatile accessory designed for the PAX Mini and PAX Plus vaporizers. This keychain tool is made from food-grade safe material and features a black tamper for loading and a silver pick for unloading. It's perfect for packing and removing materials from the PAX oven. The tool is also equipped with a convenient key ring for portability.

Key Features:

  • Black Tamper for Loading: Simplifies the process of filling your PAX oven with material.

  • Silver Pick for Unloading: Makes it easy to remove spent material from the oven.

  • Food-Grade Safe Material: Ensures that the tool is free from toxic substances.

  • Convenient Key Ring: Allows you to carry the tool wherever you go.

  • Compatibility: Works with all PAX devices, including the PAX Mini and PAX Plus.