MiniNail - Quartz Ebanger Complete Enail Kit

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  • If you are into low temperature or high temperature dabbing and need a complete kit set up, the MiniNail is for you.
  • Adjust the controller to your desired temp and get the perfect hit each time
  • These kits come with the quartz enail for a clean flavorful hit
  • These kits are easy to clean, use and maintain
  • Small in size so you can easily take it wherever you may roam
  • The 25mm quartz banger is designed to fit and work perfectly with the MiniNail
  • The quartz banger has chamfered edges for ease of use with various bubble caps
  • 5mm thick walls for great heat retention even at lower temperatures
  • The banger has a arm to help rest the heater for safety and convenience
  • Also includes a silicone band to help further hold the coil in place as an added feature
  • The hybrid coil provides heat to the sides AND bottom of the quartz banger. This provides a much better function than most other enails that usually only heat from the side walls
  • The controller box weighs a mere 5oz and can fit in your hand
  • The controller box uses less power than most enail controllers with 1amp/89watts of power saving you money on electricity
  • Built to last
  • Accessories in kit may be different color than what is pictured so choose from the drop-down menu
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  • Made in the USA


Kit includes:

1x MiniNail controller box

1x Hybrid heater coil

1x 25mm Quartz banger (14mm joint size)

1x Dabber/carb cap

1x Power cord

1x Small slab pad


2 year warranty