Lookah 510 Quartz Coil - 4-Pack + Mouthpiece

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Compatible with Lookah Snail, Lookah Load, and FIREBEE vape pens, these dab atomizer cartridges also fit most 510 thread batteries. To operate, attach the wax cartridge to the 510 thread connector on your Lookah Snail, Load, or FIREBEE battery. Remove the mouthpiece, insert your concentrate into the quartz atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece, and activate your vape pen. Manual heat settings allow for customized concentrate vaping.

Note: These Lookah 510 quartz wax cartridges are not compatible with the Seahorse series due to a thread length exceeding the 4mm compatibility depth.

The Lookah 510 quartz wax cartridges come in a variety of options, each featuring top-grade quartz coils for optimal taste and dabbing experience. Compatible with 510-threaded batteries like the Snail, Load, and Firebee:

  • A-model Wax Carts: Includes 1 tip and 4 Tunnel quartz coils for enhanced flavor.
  • B-model Wax Carts: Comes with 1 tip and 4 Column quartz coils for quick heating and increased vapor production.
  • C-model Wax Carts: Features 1 tip and 4 Flat quartz coils for maximum airflow.
  • D-model Wax Carts: Contains 1 tip and 4 Double quartz rod coils for extensive heating surface.
  • M-model Wax Carts: A mixed set with 1 tip and one of each type of quartz coil for a versatile experience.

Different coil styles offer varied taste profiles and vapor outputs. All Lookah cartridges are compatible with Lookah Snail, Lookah Load, and Lookah FIREBEE 510-threaded devices.