Honey Dabber II Cherry Wood Dab Straw and Limited Edition

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The Honey Dabber II (Honeydabber 2) Cherry Wood Dab Straw is beautiful craftsmanship and functionality. Handcrafted from real cherry wood, this 5.5-inch dab straw offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing option for dab enthusiasts. Its heat-resistant wooden body and cap, along with a magnetic closure, ensure safety and convenience while preserving the purity of your concentrates.

Key Features:

  • Cherry Wood Construction: Enjoy the natural warmth and durability of real cherry wood in a handcrafted design.
  • Versatile Tip Options: Comes with a choice of a removable quartz or titanium tip, catering to your preference for flavor or heat resilience.
  • Protective Wooden Sleeve: A matching wooden sleeve with magnetic closure protects you from the hot tip after use, enhancing safety.
  • Easy Maintenance: The removable tip allows for straightforward cleaning and can be replaced if necessary, extending the life of your dab straw.
  • Design Choices: Select from the classic design or the limited edition "save the bees" laser-engraved option, adding a unique touch to your dabbing experience.


While the Honey Dabber II offers an elegant and efficient dabbing solution, the natural wood construction requires care to maintain its appearance and functionality over time.


The Honey Dabber II Cherry Wood Dab Straw combines the beauty of natural cherry wood with the practicality of modern dabbing tools. Whether you prefer the clean taste of quartz or the durability of titanium, this dab straw provides a premium experience. With its protective sleeve, easy maintenance, and unique design options, the Honey Dabber II is a perfect blend of form and function for dabbing connoisseurs.