Hemper Chinese Takeout Water Pipe

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Features & Specs:

  • Material: Made from durable borosilicate glass.
  • Design: Unique Chinese Takeout box design for a distinctive look.
  • Percolation: Equipped with a showerhead perc for smooth filtration.
  • Accessory: Comes with a 14mm male herb slide for immediate use.
  • Sizes: Available in Large and Extra Large to suit different preferences.

Description: The Hemper Chinese Takeout Water Pipe combines whimsical design with functional smoking essentials. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this water pipe stands out with its creative Chinese Takeout box design, offering not just a conversation piece but also a durable and efficient smoking apparatus. The showerhead perc ensures that each draw is filtered for smoothness, enhancing the overall smoking experience. Ready for use right out of the box, it includes a 14mm male herb slide. Choose between Large and Extra Large sizes to match your smoking needs.