Focus V CARTA 2 Silicone Accessory Kit

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Enhance your CARTA 2 dabbing experience with this carefully designed Silicone Accessory Kit. The kit includes four key accessories to optimize your sessions: a Silicone Tether, Silicone Stopper, Silicone Sleeve, and a Silicone Sleeve with Carb Cap. All items come in a matching color scheme for a cohesive look.

Key Features:

  • Silicone Tether: Keeps your carb cap securely attached to the device.

  • Silicone Stopper: Effectively seals the air path for a more concentrated hit.

  • Silicone Sleeve: Provides an extra layer of protection and grip for the device.

  • Silicone Sleeve with Carb Cap: Combines the benefits of the sleeve and carb cap for a more versatile experience.