DynaVap SlingStash

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Introducing the latest stash option from DynaVap, the SlingStash! This versatile accessory is designed for on-the-go usage and general storage of your DynaVap devices and materials. Crafted from durable machined aluminum tubing, it features an overlapping silicone sling to keep dirt and debris out while securely holding your standard length (92mm) device without any rattling. Plus, the integrated decapper molded into the silicone allows for convenient one-handed device use.

The SlingStash also offers customization, as the silicone material cup can be removed to accommodate XL length devices up to 108mm. Please note that it's not compatible with the BB6 or BB9. For optimal use, pair it with "The B" model.

Key Product Features:
- Sturdy silicone and aluminum design for long-lasting durability
- Holds devices securely without any annoying rattling
- Customizable placement of device and material for your convenience
- Tight fit keeps odors contained, ensuring discreet usage
- The integrated decapper fits both standard and Armored DynaVap caps
- The silicone cup can hold 3-5 cycles worth of material

The SlingStash is available in two sleek options: Black or Green Sling. Its size measures 90mm, expanding to 108mm without any storage.

DynaVap Pro Tips:
- The DynaVap B model perfectly fits into the new SlingStash, offering a seamless experience.
- The Armored cap is also compatible with the SlingStash and the integrated decapper. However, due to its added mass and heat, it's recommended to allow some time for cooling before decapping the Armored Cap.