Carta 2 Smart Rig - Exclusive Colored Editions

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Level up your dabbing sessions with the Focus V Carta 2 Smart Rig, now available in vibrant new colors. This advanced rig is engineered for peak performance, featuring a redesigned airflow system and a larger atomizer for efficient vaporization. The 360° heating element ensures even distribution of heat, while the water diffusion offers smooth hits every time. An OLED screen keeps you informed, and the mobile app integration provides complete control over your sessions. The rig also boasts pass-through charging and a dazzling light display with RGB LEDs. With OTA updates, your rig stays at the forefront of technology. The package includes the CARTA 2 Smart Rig, Intelli-Core™ components, a shoulder bag, silicone stopper, dab tool, and a USB-C cable for charging. Get ready for powerful hits and a personalized vaping journey with the Focus V Carta 2.