Boundless CFV Portable Vaporizer

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Introducing the Boundless CFV, a vaporizer that takes your vaping experience to the next level with its convection heating technology. This pocket-sized device is designed for dry herbs and heats up in just 30 seconds, making it your go-to for quick and flavorful sessions.

Key Features:

  • Swift Heat-Up: Achieve vaping readiness in 30 seconds with the device's fast convection heating system.

  • Flavorful Experience: The convection heating ensures that you get the most flavor out of your herbs, heating only when you inhale.

  • Stainless Steel Oven: The upgraded stainless steel convection oven is designed for even extraction and faster heat-up times.

  • Battery Longevity: Get 10 to 15 sessions on a full charge, tailored to your vaping style.

  • Ease of Use: Operate effortlessly with a single button and enjoy easy loading with a medium-fine grind.

  • Customizable Temperature: Full digital temperature control for a vaping experience that suits you.

  • Compact and Comfortable: The device's soft, grippy outer shell and ideal size make it comfortable to hold and easy to carry.

  • Water Pipe Adapter: Easily attach the device to your favorite water pipe for an even smoother experience.

  • Warranty: A three-year manufacturer warranty, plus an additional 90-day warranty for the battery, gives you peace of mind.

Additional Information:

The Boundless CFV is not just about high performance; it's also about convenience and customization. It's available in both black and red, offering a soft, grippy outer shell for added comfort. This device is perfect for those who appreciate the benefits of convection heating and portability. Moreover, the stainless steel oven is more efficient at evenly extracting your material, reflecting heat throughout the chamber.