Aztec Mandala Dab Rig: A Fusion of Art and Functionality

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The Aztec Mandala Dab Rig is an exquisite piece that marries detailed artistry with practical functionality. Standing at 7.5 inches, this rig is crafted from borosilicate glass, ensuring both durability and a clean taste. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty in their smoking apparatus and seek a high-quality dabbing experience.


  • Height: 7.5 inches, offering a compact yet effective setup for daily use.
  • Material: Made from borosilicate glass, known for its strength and heat resistance.
  • Diffusion: Features a fixed downstem diffuser for smoother hits.
  • Quartz Banger: Comes with a 14mm male quartz banger, enhancing flavor and heat management.
  • Design: Adorned with an Aztec mandala pattern and a decorative exterior marble, adding visual appeal.
  • Usage: Intended for legal herbal use, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.


The detailed Aztec mandala design and decorative marble of this dab rig add to its appeal but also necessitate careful handling to maintain its aesthetic and functional integrity over time.


The Aztec Mandala Dab Rig stands out for its unique design and efficient performance. With its durable construction, effective diffusion, and visually striking appearance, it offers an enhanced dabbing experience for herbal enthusiasts. This rig not only serves as a functional tool for your sessions but also as a conversation piece in any collection.