aLeaf Quartz Banger Spinner Kit - Deep Dish/14mm M/90 Degree

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The aLeaf Quartz Banger Spinner Kit is tailored for enthusiasts seeking a straightforward, effective dabbing solution. This 4-piece set combines essential design elements with functional accessories to enhance your session's efficiency and enjoyment.


  • 14mm Male Banger with Airflow Slits: Designed for optimal airflow, facilitating even heating and consistent vaporization of concentrates.
  • Extra Deep Quartz Banger: Accommodates larger quantities of concentrates, designed for those who prefer extended sessions.
  • Beveled Edge: Ensures a tight seal with the included custom ball carb cap, minimizing vapor loss.
  • Custom Ball Carb Cap & 2 Terp Pearls: Aids in even heat distribution and vapor production, enhancing the overall dabbing experience.
  • 90 Degree Joint Angle: Compatible with a wide range of dab rigs, offering a secure and stable fit.


The inclusion of spinning terp pearls and specific airflow features may require users to familiarize themselves with the kit's operation for optimal use.


The aLeaf Quartz Banger Spinner Kit offers a focused approach to dabbing, emphasizing functionality and user experience. With its deep dish design and thoughtful inclusion of a custom carb cap and terp pearls, this kit is suited for dabbers looking for a reliable, efficient setup.