2023 DynaVap "M" Plus Tip

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Here is the revolutionary 2023 DynaVap Stainless Steel "M" Plus Tip - a great step forward in DynaVap vaping tech. Say goodbye to traditional fins, as this sleek tip showcases innovation with its absence of fins. What sets this tip apart is its intuitive indication pock markers strategically placed on the tip. These markers serve as your guide, directing the flame precisely to achieve optimal vaporization results for a one hitter extraction.

But that's not all – the "M" Plus Tip also comes with DynaVap's ingenious adjust-a-bowl feature. Tailored for dosing precision, this feature allows you to personalize your vaping experience according to your needs.

Size matters, and the "M" Plus Tip doesn't disappoint. With an impressive 15% increase in volume compared to previous models, you'll have more room to enjoy your herbs. And the cherry on top? A faster heat-up time. This means the "M" Plus Tip reaches your desired temperature swiftly, enabling a complete extraction in just one heat cycle, if you so desire. Try the DynaVap Stainless Steel "M" Plus Tip on any of your current DynaVap set ups. Definitely a DynaVap tip to have in the collection.