About Vaporizers

A Vaporizer is a machine or device that is used to heat or 'Vaporize' the essential oils or glycerin based formulas from herbal or liquid substances. The vapor is then released into the air, or inhaled. What is meant by 'Vaporizing' is essentially heating - without burning, or combusting harmful carcinogens. 

Vaporization occurs when you heat a herbal product, oil, or liquid, to release the vital active ingredients into the air. No combustion or 'fire' occurs. This means it MAY cut out the cancer causing properties that other inhalation methods do not.

There is evidence to support Vaporizing is far less harmful than other methods of inhalation. It is as fast acting as any other method, if not faster, providing the desired relief within minutes.

Many people have turned to Vaporizing as a healthier alternative.