The DynaVap "B" in Neon Colors

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The DynaVap "B" in Neon Colors

The DynaVap "B" has been on the market for a few weeks now but DynaVap is set to release the NEW NEON DynaVap "B" collection very shortly! Available October 13th 2022 - These Neon Vaporizers really stand out with their bright eye-catching appeal. You can really separate yourself from the pack with a DynaVap that really and truly POPS. Check out these bright little micro-dosers...

DynaVap "B" Neon Colors

"A DynaVap that truly stands out and POPS!"

Blue Neon DynaVap B
Green Neon DynaVap B

Information about the DynaVap "B" in general

The DynaVaps are perfect for single-hitting sessions.

One of the things that I find intriguing about the DynaVap "B" is that you can put O-rings on the tip and use it with the DynaVap "M" bodies or the Omnivap bodies as well. So, there’s definitely some diversity there. 

Another feature that is great about the DynaVap "B" is that you don’t necessarily need to spin the vaporizer in order to get a good hit as with previous DynaVaps. But, we do recommend spinning it somewhat for optimal vapor production and also for having your dry herbs vape evenly - but not 100% necessary.

As with most DynaVap Vaporizer‘s, the "B" happens to fit perfectly into a 10mm female glass bong joint if you have one available and want to run your vapor through water. Water can help cool and filter the vapor.

The DynaVap "B" also comes with an air tight smell proof container which can also be used to help clean the vaporizer with isopropyl alcohol. We personally prefer these over the cardboard packaging that the DynaVap "M" comes with.

The DynaVap "B" is DynaVap’s entry level vaporizer. But, don't let the low price fool you. It’s rather inexpensive coming in at just under $50 (we offer discounts) but does not lack in durability or function. 

One thing to note - the DynaVap "B" comes with a half sized "bowl" which is great for micro-dosing and being able to finish and consume one hit quickly and efficiently. We were able to clear the bowl in one to two draws, which makes for a speedy session.

Unfortunately, the DynaVap "B" does not allow for use with the DynaVap "dynacoil" which can be used for vaping concentrates.

If you’ve ever owned a previous DynaVap, you may have experienced that they are can roll off the table quite easily. If your DynaVap is hot and it rolls onto your lap it can potentially give you a nice little surprise, but the new DynaVap "B" comes with a roll proof shaped silicone design. The new silicone shape makes it difficult for the vaporizer to roll off of the table. The tip of the "B" is also elevated enough so that when laying flat it does not allow contact with the surface of the table.

There are five parts to the DynaVap "B". Only four of the parts need cleaning. The cap will not need cleaning. 

The DynaVap B is small and extremely durable - it is built to last and will most likely last you a lifetime as long as you do not lose it or abuse it.

We always provide discounts for our VapeLifers and are happy to offer discount codes even when sales are not happening. Please check the product page and sales badge to see how much money you can save on each of our vaporizers.

You can expect large robust heavy hitting hits from the DynaVap "B" even though the unit is a small micro-dosing vaporizer. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest vaporizers available today to help you save money and weed. The "B" is great for people who want to cut back on their stash spending and keep their cannabis tolerance low.

Pink Neon DynaVap B
DynaVap B Neon in all 4 Parts

Who is the neon Dynavap "B" great for?

In our opinion, the blue neon color is the most masculine color of the neon series. The green neon variant can go both ways. The bright pink color is obviously a more feminine choice, so if that’s your thing this "cute" color may be for you. The neon colors are playful and less serious than the original black color that was offered at the introduction of the "B" a few weeks ago. DynaVap has successfully made a fun rendition of this entry-level vaporizer. Everyone who owns one seems to be very happy with it. Get yours today at

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