Introducing the DynaVap M 7 and M 7 XL: The New Level Of Thermal Extraction

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Introducing the DynaVap M 7 and M 7 XL: The New Level Of Thermal Extraction

What is DynaVap M 7?

The DynaVap M 7 is the latest 2024 edition of DynaVap's "M" series of dry herb Vaporizers, also know as thermal extraction devices. The M 7 has new features such as a finless design, new texture, XL size compatibility and heavy hitting extraction - among others features.

The DynaVap "M" series has always been at the forefront of innovation in the world of dry herb vaporizers, and the latest additions, the M 7 and M 7 XL, are no exception. These thermal extraction devices are designed to take our your vaping experience to new heights, offering faster, more even extraction with a host of new features that set them apart from their predecessors. YOU NEED LUNGS FOR THE M 7, IT RIPS.

The Finless Wonder: DynaVap M 7 The most striking feature of the M 7 is its finless tip, a bold departure from previous models. This innovative design not only enhances the device's aesthetic but also contributes to a faster and more even extraction process. The absence of fins results in 20% less heat transfer from the tip to the stem, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Texture and Feel The M 7 boasts a unique texture. It's brilliantly machined. It feels to me, like "soft sandpaper" and looks like snake skin up close. This not only adds to the device's grip but also enhances its overall tactile appeal, making it a pleasure to handle and use. A less aggressive design as the "M" Plus's "tree bark" texture. The brilliance of the M 7 design can be seen in the close up pictured below.


New Airport and Rocker The redesigned airport and rocker on the M 7 offer a gentle, natural feel, allowing for more intuitive and controlled airflow. This subtle yet significant improvement makes each draw easier to dial in and more satisfying.


From M7 to M7 XL: A Touch of Elegance The M 7 can be transformed into the M 7 XL with the addition of an XL "M" condenser, which includes a removable mouthpiece. You can control airflow from six unique airflow settings controlled by setting the condenser depth within the mouthpiece. These upgrade gives the M7 XL an elegant feel and appeal, making it perfect for outings. The standard M7, with its compact design, remains an excellent choice for home use, especially when paired with a water pipe. 


Performance That Packs a Punch Having personally used the M 7, I can attest to its impressive performance. It hits harder than any DynaVap model I've tried before, quickly becoming my go-to vape. The M 7's heat retention, although it requires longer heating and cooling times, especially with "The Wand," is precisely what makes this device hit like a beast. I know DynaVap says it heats quicker but that was not my experience. I am surprised at how DynaVap is able to get the new designs to hit harder and harder each time out. The mouthpiece on the M 7 XL also feels nice in the mouth, although I usually prefer wooden mouthpieces - and this one feel like that.


Pricing and Pre-Sale Offer The M 7 will retail for $75, while the M 7 XL will be available for $100. We're excited to announce an introductory pre-sale from March 15th to March 28th, where buyers will not only enjoy an 11% discount but will also receive a free DynaVap "M" plus.

Conclusion The DynaVap M 7 and M 7 XL represent the pinnacle of thermal extraction technology. With their innovative features, improved performance, and elegant design, they are set to become the new favorites among vaping enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the sleek simplicity of the M7 or the enhanced elegance of the M7 X L, these devices are sure to provide an unparalleled vaping experience.

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