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Arizer, Arizer AIR SE, Dry Herb -

Looking for a reliable, budget-friendly vaporizer that doesn't skimp on performance? Meet the Arizer AIR SE. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it delivers where it counts. With its straightforward design and user-friendly features, this device is perfect for both vaping newcomers and those who appreciate simplicity without sacrificing quality.

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AUXO, Concentrates, Dry Herb -

Vaping accessories are getting smarter. The Auxo Cenote Smart Rig brings app connectivity and temperature precision to dabbing, while the Auxo Calent employs convection heating for smooth dry herb sessions. These innovative devices offer unique features to enhance the vaping experience. The Auxo Cenote Rig (shown above) optimizes temperature control for low-temp dabs that preserve terpenes and flavors. Connect the included Bluetooth module to the Cenote app and choose from 10 preset temperatures between 450-750°F. The app allows monitoring of real-time temperature, session timer, and usage stats. This smart rig thinks for you, automatically modifying heating to reach the set point...

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Dry Herb, DynaVap, DynaVap B, Neon, Vaporizer -

The DynaVap "B" has been out on the market for a little while now and DynaVap has released different color options for the "B" in neon blue, green and pink. The Neon Vaporizers really stand out with their bright eye-catching appeal and you can really separate yourself from the pack with a DynaVap that really and truly POPS.

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