VonG (i): Titanium by DynaVap

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DynaVap's VonG (i) is a top-of-the-line, ergonomic vaporizer that offers durability and interchangeability with its various sleeves (coming soon). This makes it a must-have for any serious vaporizer user! The titanium construction ensures that your VonG (i) will last you a lifetime, while the various sleeves (coming soon) options allow you to customize your DynaVap experience to suit your own needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a sleek and simple design or something more flashy and fun, the VonG (i) has you covered. Not to mention, the titanium build ensures that your vaporizer is as light as possible. Always pure and flavorful. If you're looking for the ultimate vaporizing experience, look no further than the DynaVap VonG (i)

The VonG (i) features:

  • Titanium sleeve, with a variety of interchangeable sleeves coming soon.
  • The most durable VonG yet.
  • Ability to take apart for easier cleaning.
  • Smooth rotation for easy-to-control airflow.
  • Tip has an Adjust-a-Bowl feature that allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs and is ideal for microdosing.
  • A form fitting profile that fits comfortably in the hand.
  • Tapered mouthpiece that fits snugly in either 10 or 14mm female water piece openings.
  • Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash.

    With zero electronic parts to worry about, you have the freedom to take your vaporizer wherever you go and the independence to use virtually any heat source. That means you can now enjoy consistent and flavorful vapor from your dry herb or concentrates (DynaCoil adaptor sold separately) all while stretching your stash.


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    *Made entirely in the USA