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The VapeLifer Starter Kit 1
The VapeLifer Starter Kit 1
  • The VapeLifer Starter Kit 1
  • The VapeLifer Starter Kit 1

The VapeLifer Starter Kit 1

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We have put together the best vape kit for concentrates with value in mind. Your wax won't even make a mess as this kit comes with a cap for your coils/atomizer. Dual coil quartz action with a 510 battery ready for use on most vape attachments out today. If you have a more viscous oil handy we have thrown in a liquid ce4 tank for your convenience. All this for one. low. price.


 Add an extra coil or accessory here:


  • Dual coil quartz - titanium wrapped atomizer
  • Convenient coil cap for a clean a mouthpiece
  • Liquid attachment included
  • Short cord USB 510/ego threaded charger
  • 650mah or 900mah 510/ego threaded battery (whatever size is available)
  • Dab tool
  • Mouthpiece
  • Atomizer base
  • Also Comes In Variable Voltage (HARDER HITTING).  We recommend no higher than 4.3V
  • You can also choose to get an extra top. Extra top is a FULL wax attachment. Mouthpiece, base, coil, and coil cap. #Value
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