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The Locdog Oil And Liquid Starter Kit

The Locdog Oil And Liquid Starter Kit

Sold out

Product Features:


  • This glass globe and liquid Vape Pen Kit has everything you need!
  • Can be used with concentrates and e-liquids
  • Economical starter kit with variable voltage battery
  • Comes with everything you need, plus spares!
  • *Please use caution when using the variable voltage temperature on certain atomizers. Turning the dial up too far will result in a burnt out atomizer. We cannot replace atomizers or attachments*




These products are intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

Accessories (Included):


  • 1 X 900 mah Variable Voltage ego battery
  • 1 X ce4 e-liquid tank
  • 1 X double coil glass globe attachment
  • 1 X single coil spare atomizer
  • 1 X glass globe replacement globe
  • 1 X USB battery charger
  • 1 X carrying case
  • 1 X metal dabber


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