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Source Vapes Orb Slim Attachment

Source Vapes Orb Slim Attachment

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Experience True Taste


SOURCE orb slim allows users to Experience True Taste, with a more slender look.


SOURCE orb slim features the same revolutionary atomizers from the SOURCE orb 3, and introduces a revolutionary variable airflow system. 


Experience True Airflow


The SOURCE orb slim attachment features a new revolutionary variable airflow system that allows users to increase or decrease the airflow, depending on user preference. 


New Atomizers, Deeper Bowls, and Quartz Crystals


SOURCE orb slim comes with our SOURCE orb 3 atomizers, and also works with SOURCE orb v2 atomizers. 

SOURCE orb 3 atomizers have also been redesigned to provide a larger more efficient atomizer bowl. SOURCE orb 3 atomizers are now 20% deeper and have twice the capacity as the v2 atomizers.


After months of research and customer feedback, SOURCEvapes has designed three new Quartz Atomizers. These atomizers are the first and only to use Quartz instead of traditional ceramic. These atomizers are available in Single Coil, Double Coil, and SOURCE terra. The clean nature of Quartz crystals allows users to get a clean smooth flavorful hit every time.

The SOURCE terra atomizer replaces metal coils with a completely ceramic heating element. With a lower maximum temperature to avoid burning, SOURCE terra delivers better tasting hits.

Accessories (Included):


  • Source Terra
  • Quartz double coil
  • Ceramic double coil
  • Dry herb hitter


No videos available at this moment.    


To see more videos go to our Youtube Channel.

Product Features:


  • All new slimmer discreet Orb 3 attachment
  • Comes with 4 atomizers!
  • Now 30% thinner
  • Works with all Source Orb 3 atomizers and older versions as well
  • All metal design with adjustable airflow
  • Featuring Source Terra atomizing technology
  • Today's best vape pen attachments!



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