Pulsar Old School Shroom Water Pipe - 9"/14mm F

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The Pulsar Old School Shroom Water Pipe combines the charm of retro designs with the efficiency of contemporary smoking apparatus. At 9 inches tall and equipped with a 14mm female joint, this piece is both visually striking and highly functional, making it an essential addition to any enthusiast's collection.


  • Size and Design: Measures 9 inches, offering a compact form factor without compromising on the quality of your smoking sessions.
  • Material Construction: Crafted from durable borosilicate glass and hand-molded acrylic resin, featuring unique shroom motifs for a distinctive appearance.
  • Honeycomb Percolator: Ensures efficient smoke filtration for smoother hits.
  • Angled Mouthpiece: Designed for enhanced user comfort during each use.
  • UV Reactive Accents: Adds a visually engaging element that shines under UV light, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the water pipe.
  • Old School Shrooms Design: The nostalgic mushroom design offers a unique, eye-catching look.
  • Included 14mm Male Herb Slide: Comes complete with everything needed for immediate use, facilitating an easy setup.


The intricate designs and mixed material construction of the Pulsar Old School Shroom Water Pipe suggest careful handling and regular cleaning to maintain its condition and performance.


The Pulsar Old School Shroom Water Pipe is a perfect fusion of nostalgic design and functional smoking technology. Whether attracted to its efficient filtration system, the visually engaging UV reactive accents, or the unique mushroom motifs, this water pipe is designed to enhance your smoking sessions and stand out in your collection.