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Myster Glass Fog Chamber Kit
Myster Glass Fog Chamber Kit
  • Myster Glass Fog Chamber Kit
  • Myster Glass Fog Chamber Kit

Myster Glass Fog Chamber Kit

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Product Features:


    • Stylish High End Vape Pen Ready Essential Oil!
    • Glass Fog Chamber Attachment With See Through Chamber
    • Variable Voltage Battery for Stronger hits
    • Amazing Performance With Wax
    • Full Vape Pen Kit Ready To Use
    • Super Discreet


    These products are
    intended for
    aromatherapy purposes

    This Glass Fog Chamber Kit is the ultimate in discrete, stylish, vaporizing bliss. A sturdy case in gunmetal black which will easily fit inside any average size pocket or bag.This vaporizer features of the gun metal glass of the fog chamber. It can be hard to tell if some vaporizers are working or not, but when you see the lush clouds of vapor this pen is capable of producing, there is no doubt about its functionality.


    This kit is designed for use with concentrates, and comes with everything you need to enjoy it. Once you remove the packaging, all you need is the concentrate. This kit is advertised as complete, and it is. If you're looking for a portable, durable vaporizer pen, this Fog Chamber kit by Myster is one of the best there is. Keep in mind that this vape pen is used for wax and concentrates only. If you prefer to use dry herbs, make sure to purchase additional chamber Fogpen cartridges as well!

    Accessories (Included):


    • 1 x Glass Fog Chamber Attachment 
    • 2 x Replacement Coils
    • 1 x Fogpen Adjustable 1300mah Battery (3.2V - 4.8V) 
    • 1 x Fogpen Carry Case
    • 1 x Fogpen Dabber
    • 1 x USB Cord
    • 1 x USB Charge Cord
    • 1 x Water Pipe Adaptor
    • 1 x Dabber / Poker



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