Lucienne Framed Rectangle Ceramic Cigar Ashtray: Elegance in Design

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The Lucienne Framed Rectangle Ceramic Cigar Ashtray is a testament to refined taste and functionality. Crafted with precision, its dimensions of 9.25 inches by 6.5 inches offer ample space for individual or shared enjoyment. The ashtray's ceramic composition, accentuated by sleek black framed edges, speaks to those who appreciate the finer details in their smoking accessories.

Distinctive Features:

  • Sophisticated Dimensions: The ashtray's size is thoughtfully chosen to accommodate up to four cigars simultaneously, making it ideal for solo relaxation or social gatherings.
  • Ceramic Elegance: Constructed from high-quality ceramic, this piece not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of elegance to any setting.
  • Black Framed Edges: The ashtray's edges are framed in black, creating a striking contrast that enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  • Quartet of Cigar Rests: Designed with four cigar rests, it caters to the aficionado's preference for convenience and style.
  • Lucienne Signature: Embellished with the Lucienne logo, this ashtray is a symbol of quality and sophistication in cigar accessories.


While the ashtray's ceramic material and elegant design make it a standout piece, care is advised to maintain its pristine condition and ensure longevity.


The Lucienne Framed Rectangle Ceramic Cigar Ashtray is more than a utility; it's a statement of elegance and discernment. Perfect for the cigar enthusiast who values both form and function, this ashtray enhances the smoking experience with its thoughtful design and stylish appearance. Whether used as a centerpiece of your smoking ritual or as a distinguished gift, it embodies the essence of luxury and leisure.