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Kandy Pens
Kandy Pens
Kandy Pens
  • Kandy Pens
  • Kandy Pens
  • Kandy Pens

KandyPens "Donut" Vape Kit

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The KandyPens Donut Concentrate Vaporizer is designed by KandyPens, based out of California. This Vaporizer is a recent product on the smoking horizon, and are acclaimed for their health benefits. Since vaporizers produce no smoke, only vapor, your smoking experience is smoother and cleaner. This concentrate vape has a donut-shaped ceramic chamber for a full, even, vapor. With various color options, this pen is perfect for smoking in style!

Accessories (Included):


  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 Donuts chamber
  • 1 Variable Temperature Battery
  • USB charger
  • Dabber tool
  • Instructions

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Product Features:


  • Awesome concentrate vape pen kit featuring a temperature controlled battery  (350 °, 390 °, 430 °)
  • Low temperature burn of oils to make for long lasting, high flavored vaping
  • Ceramic disc atomizers with ceramic base for clean vaping
  • Deep chamber that holds up to .5g of essential oil
  • 510 threaded attachments capable of using other vape attachment 
  • No plastics, dyes harsh materials
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery
  • Comes with carrying case, dabber tool & full vape pen (attachment & battery)

All applicable warranties included. Why buy anywhere else?

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