Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

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The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is a travel-friendly concentrate rig and also a dry herb bubbler. Equipped with a quartz banger for concentrate use and a glass bowl for dry herb consumption, the Riggler produces amazing flavor no matter the material used. The body of the Heavy Duty Riggler is 7 millimetres thick, and its medical-grade borosilicate glass provides supreme durability. A diffused downstem creates fine bubbles and helps promote efficient airflow for thick draws. Higher Standards gave the Riggler an easy-to-clean design so touch ups and spot cleans are easy to perform.


DUAL-USE COMPATIBILITY: Higher Standards constructed the Riggler to act as an high-end water pipe for both concentrates and dry herbs. The diffused down stem smooths and cools both smoke and vapor before reaching your lungs for effortless draws. Included with the Heavy Duty Riggler is a quartz banger and glass bowl. The 100% quartz banger reaches temperature quickly and keeps foreign flavors from infiltrating your concentrate's profile. For dry herb users, the borosilicate glass bowl's inert nature makes it a flavor chaser's dream, and it's solid construction means it can withstand everyday drops and tumbles.


DIFFUSED DOWNSTEM: The universal shape of the diffused downstem on the Heavy Duty Riggler allows both concentrate vapor and dry herb smoke to arrive smooth and cool. By cooling your vapor or smoke with moisture you can easily consume your material, no matter the size of the draw. The thick concentrate vapor will still go down easy, and your dry herb's flavorful draws will never give a harsh throat feel.


WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 1x Higher Standards Riggler 1x Quartz Banger 1x Glass Bowl 1x Carb Cap 1x Concentrate Tool