Focus V Aeris Portable Wax/Concentrate Vaporizer

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Key Features:

  • Intelli-Core Convection Heating for Pure Vapor
  • Vapor Quality Comparable to Carta 2
  • Precise Temperature Control 320-480°F
  • Fast Heat Up Time Under 1 Minute
  • Portable, Compact All-In-One Construction
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Full Ceramic Vapor Path and Cooling Intake

Introducing the Focus V Aeris - a pocket concentrate vaporizer utilizing innovative Intelli-Core convection heating technology to deliver vapor quality on par with the popular Carta 2, but in an ultra-portable package. The Intelli-Core system uses precisely controlled airflow heating to evenly vaporize wax concentrates without burning for smooth, flavorful rips that preserve maximum terpenes.

The Aeris allows you to dial in your ideal precise temperature from 320-480°F on the clear LED display. With a rapid heat up time under 1 minute, you can start vaping at your preferred low or high temp setting almost instantly. Its ingenious all-in-one design seamlessly integrates the heating chamber, battery, airpath, and components.

Don't let the Aeris' compact size fool you - this concentrate vape packs huge performance into its pocketable frame. Just load your preferred wax into the ceramic heating chamber and you're ready to vaporize potent concentrates anywhere thanks to the extended battery life.

Prioritizing vapor quality, the Aeris features a full ceramic vapor path and cooling air intake to ensure cool, smooth draws from start to finish, whether vaping at home or on-the-go. The Intelli-Core convection heating rivals premium devices like the Carta 2.

Combining advanced Intelli-Core convection heating, ultimate portability, long battery life, and a focus on pure vapor quality, the Focus V Aeris represents the future of concentrate vaporization.