Flowermate V5 Nano

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The Flowermate V5 Nano is the newest edition to pocket portable vaporizer from the company behind the crowd favorite V5.0S, V5 Mini, V5S Pro and V5 Mini Pro vapes. The Flowermate V5 Nano is just as small and discreet as the FM Mini and Mini Pro with tons of upgrades and brand new features. The V5 Nano is the first Flowermate in the V5 line to feature a combination of convection and conduction heating instead of just pure conduction, increasing both extraction efficiency and your terpene flavor. Temperature can be adjusted from 104-446F, displayed with single digit precision on the vibrant OLED screen. The Nano's unique black ceramic loading chamber reaches vaporization temps in half a minute and when your set temperature is reached the Nano has haptic feedback to let you know. The FM Nano is powered by a removable 18650 battery that you can easily switch out. An improvement from the fixed batteries of the previous generation V5 vaporizers. The stock battery has a 2500mAh capacity which equates to approximately 40-50 minutes of run time. If no spare flat top 18650 is available the unit can be charged via Micro-USB in about two and a half hours. The Nano follows V5 tradition with a mouthpiece storage compartment hidden in the base to keep the borosilicate glass mouthpiece protected and concealed on the go. The V5 Nano is made from thick, durable aluminum and at only 3.5 x 1.75" it makes the perfect every day carry vape.


The Flowermate V5 Nano is activated and deactivated by pressing the top button 5 times in a row. When activated the unit will vibrate and the screen will display the previously used temperature. Load your dry material into the heating chamber either directly or using the included loading cap tool. For a full load we recommend a fine grind and loose load. For less try using the included loading tool to press your material to the bottom of the chamber, maximizing heat efficiency. Select your preferred temperature using the up and down buttons; holding both temperature buttons shifts between F and C. After setting your temperature hold the power button for a couple of seconds to begin heating, the V5 Nano will vibrate and display an icon when it's ready. After 5 minutes of usage the Nano will enter sleep mode, holding the power button for a couple seconds will resume heating.


  • Discreet Palm Sized Form
  • Convection / Conduction Hybrid
  • Black Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • 30 Second Heat Up Time
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery (2500mAh Capacity)
  • 40+ Minutes Run Time
  • Upgraded 0.96" OLED Display
  • Temp Range: 104-446F (40-230C)
  • Vibration Notification
  • Durable Aluminum Build
  • Mouthpiece Storage Integrated
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Fully Isolated Airpath

Comes With:

  • Flowermate V5 Nano
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • 18650 Battery (2500mAh)
  • Liquid Pod
  • Dry Pod
  • Loading Cap
  • 5 Stainless Steel Screens
  • Loading Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • User Manual