Exxus TAP VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vape

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The Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer, uncomplicated and high performance are the foundation on which this device was brought into existence. As a variable voltage unit, the power it produces can reach anywhere between 3.3V and 4.2V. Its streamlined design and onyx coloring make it a harmonious battery to be paired with a massive variety of essential oil cartridges. Because it has a power sensor tap setup, users will be able to fulfill the device's functions without having to hassle with an overly complex system.

The Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer is slight in appearance but is impressive in utility. The units incorporated lithium-ion battery is easily recharged with the included USB charger. This device's battery is able to accommodate 280mAh of power in order to give users access to several sessions in one charge. Once activated, the Exxus Tap reaches temperature and vaporizes essential oils in ten seconds. It also has a 510 thread, female attachment port. This fact makes it an easy addition to a number of cartridges as that threading is a fairly common industry standard.