Elite Series Micro Enail Kit W/ Carb Cap

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This Micro eNail Kit contains all that you would need to start dabbing right away, save for the water pipe and the concentrates. The Micro eNail allows you to dial into the exact temperature you need for your dabs every time you session.

The Elite Series Micro Enail Kit W/ Carb Cap includes: - Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Power and Temperature Control Box with Digital Screen. - Accommodates 20mm nails - removable power cord -4ft. heating coil cord - Grade 2 titanium universal nail (6 sizes in 1) - Titanium carb cap - Instruction card.



  • Micro eNail Kit.
  • Temperature control via digital readout.
  • Works with up to 20mm nails.
  • Power cord.
  • 4 ft. heating coil cord.
  • Grade 2 titanium universal nail.
    • 14mm
    • 19mm
    • Male
    • Female
  • Titanium Carb Cap.
  • 220 - 990 degrees F.
  • 120 Volts / 150 Watts.
  • Pulsar Logo.
  • 1-year warranty on the control box.
  • 6-month warranty on the heating cord.