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DynaVap Parts
DynaVap Parts
DynaVap Parts
DynaVap Parts
DynaVap Parts
DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts
  • DynaVap Parts

DynaVap Parts

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These are parts for the DynaVap vaporizer. 



About the cap:


The Cap is made of medical grade stainless steel and is included with all DynaVap VapCap devices. Our signature cap is engineered to “click” when heated to the right temperature and features the multitasking digger-outter.

Note: Sometimes the cap will click twice. This is normal.
If your new cap is loose, give it a gentle squeeze to adjust the fit.


About the high-temp O-ring:


Come standard on all stainless steel tips (M), Titanium Tips and OmniVap Condenser and Mouthpiece Assemblies.


About the condenser O-ring kit:


Spare condenser O-rings for use in all devices, except for the OmniVap.


About the Titanium tip:


Our signature Titanium Tip features 5 fins for effective control of heat distribution and 3 helical heat exchange channels for improved air flow and vapor production. The Adjust-A-Bowl grooves allow 3 different levels of material capacity for customized use by simply re-positioning the titanium CCD.

Compatible with all DynaVap midsections including the “M”.

Stainless steel CCD may also be used. (available separately)


About the Maintenance kit:


Maintain the attractiveness and performance of your DynaVap device. The Maintenance DynaKit is deal for keeping your devices clean and pristine. The DynaWax will help lubricate the o-rings for assembly, as well as serving as a great wood conditioner. Both types of o-rings are provided in good supply in case any are lost, or broke, on your device’s condenser and/or tip. The full list of items included in this DynaKit are:

Cotton Pipe Cleaners - hard bristle (5 pack)
Condenser O-Rings (3 pack)
High-Temp O-Rings (5 pack)

All applicable warranties included. Why buy anywhere else?

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