DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

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  • Now dual use. Concentrate and dry herb
  • Customize your airflow with the adjustable airflow dial
  • Built in dosage calculator
  • Glass lined insulated oven
  • Brushed aluminum outer shell
  • Concentrate pad included
  • Track how much you consume
  • Up to 12 second draw
  • 1 hour of continuous use
  • Removable 18650 battery



The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer updates the original IQ dry herb vaporizer. Now with dual-compatibility, adjustable airflow by way of the new AirDial™, the ability to now read your dosage off of the device, and an improved insulated oven makes the Davinci IQ2 a step up from its predecessor and ensures precise sessions no matter what material you use. Tweaks like the DaVinci Pearl extending 30% further out to help size and pack your material or the new shape of the vapor path of the IQ2 makes it even more user-friendly while still housing advanced technologies like the glass lined conduction oven. The brushed aluminum finish gives the IQ2 more style than the older model, setting it apart from other portable vaporizers in its category.


DaVinci added their AirDial to the IQ2 to help adjust your draw resistance. The AirDial lets you adjust your airflow to 40% less and 67% more than the original IQ vaporizer, which opens up the device for bigger clouds or flavor enjoying sessions. The AirDial has 35% more air holes, which means cooler vapor when the airflow is increased, and more potent dense vapor when the airflow is decreased. This intuitive feature will allow new users to find their preferred draw resistance, and experienced vape connoisseurs the chance to further explore their materials.
The original IQ Vaporizer was strictly a dry herb vaporizer, the IQ2 is both a dry herb vaporizer and concentrate vape that arrives with a concentrate pad for dual-use enjoyment. Just place a drop of concentrate onto the metal pad, and place it into the IQ2’s chamber, then pick your temperature and take a draw.


Track your consumption with the On Device Dosage Calculation. Input your strain potency and the amount of material you’ll be using in the oven, and the DaVinci IQ2 will display your per-draw dosage right on the outside of the unit.


The DaVinci IQ2 algorithm considers the potency and amount of material, while the quantity of active compounds released by the IQ2 is measured per draw and cumulatively per session. Dosages will vary based on the temperature you use, length of draw, and how long the material has been under heat. The longest a Dosage Draw can be is 12 seconds, they are based on user input and standard user behavior.

Step 1: After turning on your DaVinci IQ2, the device will begin to flash “NEW”. If you have just loaded fresh material click the control button once to confirm a new bowl. If this is not your first session with the current oven content, use the navigation buttons to select 2nd or 3rd. Once you’ve found your selection click the control button once to confirm.

Step 2: The DaVinci IQ2 will flash the name of the psychoactive property of a certain dry herb once, then flash a numerical value. If this is your first time using the On Device Dosage, this number will be 20, if you’ve used it before your last number will be remembered. Use the navigation buttons to select the right percentage of the property and press the control button to confirm. If you’re enjoying a dry herb without this certain property, go all the way to 0.

Step 3: After your potency is calculated, the unit will flash once, then flash a numerical value. Just like in Step 2 if this is your first session you’ll have to input the percentage, but if you’ve used it before it will remember the last dosage. Use the navigation buttons to pinpoint your number, and click the control button to confirm.

Step 4: The IQ2 will begin to flash an oven icon. If you have chosen a psychoactive property percentage of 50% or more, a small oven will appear to indicate the use of concentrate, a large oven will appear if the percentage is less than 50, indicating you intend to use dry herb. Use the navigation buttons to select the amount loaded in your oven, and click the control button once confirmed.
The dry herb amount options are 40% full (.2 grams), 60% full (.3 grams), 80% full (.4g grams), and 100% full (.5 grams).
The concentrate amount options are half grain of rice (.025 grams), one grain of rice (.05 grams), one and one half grains of rice (.075 grams), and two grains of rice (.1 grams)

The DaVinci IQ2 will calculate active compounds per draw and cumulatively at the end of each session. When powering down the IQ2, the LEDs will flash the total dosage of your session. DaVinci plans to release an app to help give you even more control over your dosage monitoring by providing date on maximum dose per session, more information input regarding your strains, and live per-draw statistics.
*DISCLAIMER* On November 15,2019 Apple removed and banned all vaporizer related apps from the App Store. Android users will still be able to download the DaVinci IQ2 App when released.


DaVinci took time to update the oven and heating chamber for the IQ2 with added insulation from the battery. This ensures more consistent heating performance and has made the oven thicker for a more even and flavorful vaping of your material.
The DaVinci IQ2 utilizes a glass lined conduction oven to bring your material to your chosen temperature within less than a minute. A removable 18650 battery charges the device and ensures approximately one hour of continuous use time.


Comes With:

• 1x DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer
• 1x Concentrate Dosage Pad
• 1x DaVinci Tool
• 1x USB Charging Cable
• 1x Cleaning Brush
• 1x 10mm Bubbler Adaptor
• 9x Organic Cotton Wipes
• 9x Alcohol Wipes
• 1x Ceramic Extract Tab