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Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vape

Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vape

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Vape Dynamics releases their Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer: a simple to use device which allows the user to vape e-juice and oil extracts separately. By switching the refillable cartridge with your favorite liquid, you can choose whichever e-juice or oil extract to vape. Its sleek design provides comfort in your hand while providing loads of flavor. The device is built with the idea of convenience in mind.


The Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer by Vape Dynamics has created a new standard for e-juice and oil extracts. By combining the two together in a small 6.25” x 3.5” x 1” device, Vape Dynamics has created a revolutionary product. It’s practically a long flash drive! The vaporizer is completely made out of zinc and aluminum alloy; this helps the device withstand drops. With a variety of 3 color options, you can be stylish, yet sophisticated with the Cora Eliquid and Oil Concentrate Vaporizer by Vape Dynamics. You can’t beat an on-the-go experience with oils and e-juice like this.

The vaporizer uses a V-Smart refillable cartridge that can connect using a magnet. This simplifies the refilling process without having any spills or leakage. The cartridge functions as a pod with a mouthpiece that also doubles as a way to remove the cartridge. It also holds 1ml of liquid. With such a small capacity, refilling is simple as it includes an extra cartridge too! The 500mAH battery capacity is small, but the device can be in use while charging as well. After a session indoors, pop on another cartridge, and head to work with a fully charged vaporizer.

All applicable warranties included. Why buy anywhere else?

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