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Cloud V Phantom Aqua Bubbler

Cloud V Phantom Aqua Bubbler

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Product Features:


  • Water diffused aqua bubbler for the Cloud Phantom & Phantom Premium
  • Comes with lock version and regular
  • Cools vapor
  • Great visual effect while vaping
  • Filter out any particles
  • No spill
  • Featuring a carb regulating hole 

    These products are
    intended for
    aromatherapy purposes

    The Cloud V Aqua is a bubbler attachment consists of a high quality glass attachment and a metal base holder.


    This Phantom Bubbler features a non-spill structure. You can conveniently fill the glass bubbler with water and turn upside-down. The water will not leak from the attachment. The Cloud V Aqua will allow you to vaporize even smoother, as the vapor filters through the water each time you inhale. It also features a carb that allows you to control the airflow better. 


    How to use:


    • Detach the Bubbler from the atomizer.
    • Turn around the Bubbler
    • Fill it with water.
    • Turn it around and immediately draw to trap the maximum amount of water.
    • Gently secure it back on the metal base.



    Note: This version is compatible for the Cloud Phantom Vaporizer that do not have the new lock mouthpiece feature. 

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